Rules / FAQ

What is Sportsliga? Sportsliga is a free tipping competition. Click here to join the fun.

What is a Liga? A Liga the same as a division in Soccer or Ice Hockey. It’s a Leaguesystem, where Liga A is the Top division, and there are many lower Ligas (divisions) below it. The best prizes can be won in Liga A.

How many players are in a Liga? Liga A: 30 players, Liga B: 30 players, Liga C: 60 players maximum.

How can I join the Liga? Very easy – you join at this link. It could not be easier!

When can I join the Liga? You can join at any time! Join as soon as you can to secure a place in the best possible Liga. The competition is held on a “season”-basis. 1 season = 8 tipping matchdays (rounds). 1 round each week.

How do I get to the Liga A? Once you join the Liga you will be placed in the best available Liga. Every Sportsliga season consists of 8 tipping matchdays/rounds. Once the season is over, the Top 5 or 10 in each Liga will be promoted to the Liga above, and the 10 worst in each Liga will be relegated to the Liga below.

How do I get points/ win my Liga?
In each tipping round you place your tips on a set of football games. For each game you can choose between different outcomes. If you tip correct you get points. The number of points you can win if you tip correct is seen behind each alternative. When a matchday/ round is over we add up all your correct answers and sum up the points. Then we update the league table.

What kind of prizes can I win?
The top division holds the best prizes. Unibet is our main sponsor. Prizes can change from season to season, depending on what our sponsors offer. See all prizes here.